The Stage 2A build started on November 11 2015 and was completed in August 2016, just in time for the club to operate out of the new facility for the 2016/17 surf lifesaving season.  The new facility has allowed all the club's rescue equipment to be stored in one location for the first time since the club was formed in 2004.

Progress photos can be seen here.  Rendered concept images by Scott Carpenter Architects P/L

The contract price for the ground level Stage 2A build was $717,039.09 (ex GST). Remember that this is a commercial build and the requirements are beyond those normally required for domestic housing. A significant component of the cost has been in the suspended slab which required 17 screw piers driven 10-12m into the ground and a large amount of concrete (there was 113 cubic metres of concrete just in the footings and beams under the slab).

Building Sub-Committee of 2015/16:

  • Rob Slade, David Rope, Mark Humphries, Kevin Pleace

Salt SLSC Committee (2015/16):

  • President - Mark Humphries;
  • Vice-President - David Rope;
  • Secretary - Kareen Smith;
  • Treasurer - Morris Uttley;
  • Club Captain - Rob Slade;
  • Junior Activities Co-ordinator - Ben Clements;
  • General committee - Bryan Jones, Greg Lovett, Craig Mandall

Previous committees:

  • While the build of the Stage 2A clubhouse happened under the watch of the 2015/16 building sub-committee club committee, much preparation work was done by previous committees. In particular Dave Hoare, a past President and also a Life Member of Salt SLSC, did much of the early work leading up to and including the DA submission. Dave Hurt provided valuable advice and time as a previous member of the building sub-committee. Gary Raso, a previous Club Captain, also provided much valuable advice.