Under 8 to Under 14

Salt/Casuarina Juniors (or nippers) is the membership category available to both boys and girls aged 7 to 13. We also run an education program for children aged between 5 and 6 (See Nippers for 5 and 6 year olds)


SATURDAY October 13th 2018 through to late-March — Saturdays 2:00pm to 4:00pm.  

Sessions include

  •  Surf swimming, board paddling and wading
  •  Surf education and confidence building
  •  First aid and resuscitation
  •  Beach sprints, relays and flags
  •  Board rescue and iron person
  •  Sun safety and decision making


Nippers can compete in carnivals from the U8 category and above.  The focus is on participation and fun, practising the skills we learn each week at nippers, in a meaningful setting. Carnival participation is part of the education program and we encourage everything to have a go and have some fun.

Our specialist coaches provide a solid platform for children to develop and compete to the highest level of their ability.

See the Junior Sports page for carnival details


It is a pre-requisite for nippers in the Under 8 to Under 14s to have an ability to swim, therefore, they must eventually complete a Skills Assessment as part of their membership process, which is repeated at the start of each new season. This should not be a scary thing and no one is forced in to it until they are ready.  It is used by clubs to gauge what level of water skills each child has.  We adjust our water safety ratios to accommodate the skill level.  No one fails, we just keep practising until the evaluation is able to be completed.




Under 8

25 metre swim,(any stroke)

1 minute survival float

Under 9

25 metre swim,(any stroke)

1 minute survival float

Under 10

25 metre swim,(freestyle)

11/2 minute survival float

Under 11

50 metre swim,(freestyle)

2 minute survival float

Under 12

100 metre swim,(freestyle)

2 minute survival float

Under 13

150 metre swim,(freestyle)

3 minute survival float

Under 14

200 metre swim,(freestyle, in less than 5 minutes)

3 minute survival float


Age Manager, Level 1 Coach ,Level 1 Official, Training Officer (SRC/Bronze)

The age group categories listed above have an associated education program which is designed to give children, and also parents, a firm understanding of beach rescues, resuscitation and carnival events, along with preparation for senior level membership - we are training future life savers!  We try and keep everyone in their correct age group but we can be flexible in special circumstances.

Age Managers

To become a qualified Age Manager you must do the following:

  • Attend the SLSA Age Managers Course Workshop which will be run by the FNC Branch.
  • Have your SLSA Age Managers Participant Workbook completed and assessed by the course presenter.
  • Undertake a 2-hour On-The-Beach practical session at Salt/Casuarina nippers to gain an introductory understanding of surf skills.
  • Resources - Age Managers Guide (5mb)

Next Age Managers Course

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