Patrol Roster

Patrol Captains 2021/22

  • Ben Clements / Michael Cross
  • Kareen Smith / Darren Farrell
  • Leanne Blyth / JP Smith
  • Chris Gunther / Belinda Mirana
  • Jodie Payne / Julianne Barlogio
  • Penelope Lovett / Greg Lovett

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In-Depth Proficiencies

If a member is non-proficient in any award for any period of time, then they are required to complete skills maintenance elements identified through a training gap analysis. This must be conducted to determine what differences occur between the award as it currently stands and what skill and knowledge the award consisted of at the time the member was last proficient. If the gap analysis determines there is a gap in skill and/or knowledge, the candidate may be required to undertake training and assessment in the gap(s) identified. For example, a member may have obtained their Bronze Medallion when use of an Automated External Defibrillator (AED) was not taught in the Bronze Medallion, therefore the member would have to be trained and assessed in this skill and knowledge.

If you have any questions please contact Club Captain CraigMandall ( 

2021/20 Patrol Coverage Hours

Date Saturday Sunday
26/09/2021 to 12/12/2021 9am to 3pm* 9am to 3pm*
18/12/2021 to 30/01/2022 9am to 5pm* 9am to 5pm*
05/02/2022 to 24/04/2022 9am to 3pm* 9am to 3pm*

( * indicates patrol shift is split between 2 groups)

Minimum requirements for patrols

  • Approved and inspected equipment as outlined in the Standard Operating Procedures
  • 3 x Volunteer Bronze Medallion qualified patrol members, including;
    • 1 x proficient ARTC
    • 1 x Basic Beach Management
    • 1 x proficient IRB Driver
    • 1 x proficient IRB Crew
  • Patrolling Area - from Cathedral Court to Avoca Street.
  • Emergency Response Area - Fingal SLSC to Hastings Point


  • If you cant make patrol due to whatever reason, let your Patrol Captain know and try to arrange a substitute.¬†