Covid-restricted Patrol Roster 2021/22 - CV2021-v3.0

Updated patrol roster until end of season.The most accurate roster is available through your Members Area account. Note during the school holidays we will move from 3 hour patrols to 4 hour patrols.

Proficiency Information

Proficiency will be undertaken on patrol through delegated patrol captains.

Patrol Information

Up to date information regarding Salt beach patrol hours, lifeguard schedule, conditions and safety information can be found on the Beachsafe website (or via the Beachsafe App on phone or tablet).  A rough guide is that the Salt SLSC patrols on Weekends and Public Holidays between September and April from 9am to mid-afternoon.

Lifesaver Training Course

The next Salt/Casuarina lifesaver training course started in March 2022.

This lifesaver training course is open to all members of the community from 13 years of age - and all abilities.  For the cost of membership, we will train you (at a comfortable pace) to become a volunteer surf lifesaver.  

Once you complete your online membership you will gain access to the training modules which provide the initial theory components for completing the Bronze Medallion award. You can get these done before the course kicks off.

Register your interest for the next course at or  The training team are looking forward to getting you started.

Awards and Qualifications Chart

Qualification Chart - See all the prerequisites required for a course and what your qualification will be at the end.

Bronze Medallion (BM) and Surf Rescue Certificate (SRC)

The SRC is the minimum qualification required to become an Active Surf Life Saver and/or perform Water Safety for nipper activities. You must be a minimum of 13 years of age on completion of the SRC course and 15 for BM.

Candidates for BM/SRC will need to complete online training through their SLSA Members Account (available for all members). Much training for BM and SRC has shifted to self-paced eLearning supplemented by practical sessions. 

During the practical sessions you will develop skills in:

  • Signals
  • Radios
  • Resuscitation
  • Defibrillator use
  • Rescues and Patrols

The next course for the 2020/21 season started in Nov 2021. We have had lots of intestest for the next already and it's shaping up to be a great group of new lifesvers - all ages, all abilities.

On successfully gaining your Bronze Medallion or SRC, members have the option to attain further nationally recognised awards to increase skills and/or confidence. Including; Advanced Resuscitation Techniques, Inflatable Rescue Boat Crew/Driver, Spinal Management and even become…. a trainer!!!!

Some questions you may be already thinking of

How long does it take to get your bronze?

We offer an intensive Bronze and SRC courses which can be completed quite quickly for those with busy lifestyles and/or prior knowledge. The online portion of your training can be completed right now. 

Concerned about your swimming level ?

Lots of people are concerned that they can't swim well enough to complete their SRC or Bronze Medallion.  The swim requirement is for average swimmers, not elite.   Get in the pool or the sea and time yourself, you'll be surprised at how achievable the times are.  Also consider that you will practice the swims many times before you sit your exam.  This is usually enough to gain the confidence necessary to do the swims. 

Will I have to patrol and what is the commitment ?

Once you complete your SRC or Bronze Medallion you can be introduced to patrols, or participate in Water Safety coverage at Nippers. If you would like to assist at nippers, this is a very valuable way. Water Safety is critical to the nippers program. 

Patrolling SALT Beach is a rewarding community service.  With patrol comes a sense of satisfaction that you are helping the community amongst other positive benefits.  The commitment for patrol is approximately 6 hours per month between September and April.  Patrol teams are good fun, and are very flexible.  Members are able to swap in and out of patrols in order to balance their community service with their personal lives.  Some patrol is better than no patrol.

Note from someone who has completed the course

Do not to get overwhelmed by some of the requirements of the bronze medallion. If at all concerned do not give up now. Come down to the club and talk to the trainers about your concerns, that is what they are there for and they will coach through every step of the way. 

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